Eye Examinations

When we examine your eyes, we use the latest equipment in visual analysis.  Our computers estimate any glasses prescription you may need before you even enter the exam room!  We use computerized equipment to quickly and painlessly determine the eye’s visual acuity, focusing ability, and power.  Our advanced diagnostic instruments assess the overall health of the eyes, checking for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other sight-threatening conditions.  We perform pre-Kindergarten and pre-military exams as well as DMV evaluations.  We also examine people with diabetes and those on Plaquenil treatment.
Eye Exam Photo

As with so many other health conditions, eye diseases can become very advanced before they have symptoms that you notice.  Glaucoma, for instance, is known as the “silent robber of sight” because it causes significant, irreversible damage before you feel any pain or notice a blind spot in your vision.  Fortunately, just like other diseases, early detection usually leads to easier treatment.  Remember, eye exams don’t hurt.  So don’t forget to take care of your precious sight.

Eye Disease/Discomfort

Our doctors received four years of post-graduate training in the treatment and management of eye disease and visual disorders.  They are licensed to diagnose any eye disease and to prescribe medications for treatment.  They can examine children as young as six months old.

Many people, particularly in the Tri-Valley, suffer from symptoms such as dryness, itching, stickiness, and eye pain.  Treatment for these symptoms is usually straightforward.  You don’t have to suffer, even if you’ve tried to seek help before.  New advances in diagnosis and treatment in the last 5 years have really made a difference for so many people.

Photo of eye exam equipment
We commonly treat eye infections, allergies, dry eyes, scratched eyes, sudden loss of vision, and small items stuck in the eye.  We can also help you with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases.  Of course, if you have a severe eye injury or other sight-threatening emergency, you should go straight the nearest emergency room.